Saturday, November 7, 2015

I'll keep this as short as possible! Apologies to anybody who looked at my blog and wondered why it was so out of date. I have now deleted a lot of the 'historic' information and would like to give you a short update.
Unfortunately, Taylor Street Books (TSB) went out of business in May 2014 but I was 'taken on' by Thorstruck Press  (TP) and they were going to republish the four novels published by TSB and then move on to my new books. My relationship with TP lasted only a matter of months because I was 'accused' of breaking my contract when I pointed out their standards of editing and proof reading (post editing) were not what I expected. Suffice to say TP also ceased to trade in March 2015! Between October 2014 - April 2015 I tried lots of other publishers but eventually decided I'd had enough and set up my own publishing house. It's called Bardel Publishing (I haven't developed a website yet - any offers?) and between April and now I have published (e-book and paperback) seven of my novels and there are another six in the wings.

The seven novels published so far are (full descriptions are available on all amazon websites)

Psychological Thriller
Psychological Thriller 
The Story of a Psychopath
WW2 Love Story

Murder Mystery

Psychological Thriller
Love Story


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