Thursday, January 16, 2014


Whoops! I really ought to have updated this blog ages ago. Apologies to anyone who might be in the slightest bit interested. Anyway, Night Publishing became Taylor Street Books (TSB) and I have been with TSB ever since. Pooh Bridge was a reasonable success but since then I've also had Obsession, In Denial and Copper's Ridge published thanks to TSB. Book No 5 - The Loser Has to Fall -  is with the editor of all editors - Sheila Belshaw - and I await her verdict with trepidation. If you have ever been to or heard of Upper Slaughter then give Copper's Ridge a go - you never know you might enjoy it! And if you do, a review would be most welcome.


  1. It's May 2015 now. Taylor Street Publishing ceased to trade in May 2014, I joined Thorstruck Press in July 2014 but had a disagreement about their standards of editing (they sacked me!) but they also ceased to trade in March 2015! I decided to bite the bullet and go it alone. Suffice to say, 6 of my books are now available with amazon for Kindle and in paperback. My 7th novel - The Devil's Jigsaw - will be out soon and Nos 8 and 9 are being edited. Thanks for reading this and if you do enjoy any of my books, spread the word please!

  2. The Devil's Jigsaw is available from amazon as an e-book and paperback.